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Gazing out the window, was never so hurting before - disturbance that well the eyes and the heart roars, a song of melancholy hums from within - - no drop of hope the cloud gets; that could touch the skin. Watching patterns of clouds in puddles was fun before, tarred roads reflected on clouds today, making it look sore. Wish of a selfish me, was to see the crying clouds, I hoped to see the hope that wished me luck aloud.
... and then the drops poured down, in a gush to wet the ground, a melting heart, emotions drenched, dry me, but wet surround. I get to the edge, open windows, and allow the water in, the body soaked and so the mind, in world of feelings akin - - Moist soil brings to me memories of the days bygone, for some time now, solitude is where I found the cozy zone. I believe clouds wished the same for me, water trickle down my eyes, Earth rejoice the moments of now, while I celebrate past.

Nostalgia -by Vijita Pillai © 2017

shapes of clouds

gossiping clouds,
cluster and drift apart designing patterns

In response to "Use that Quote" at CDHK


smiling through sunshine
and weeping through gloomy mist
Cloudly emotions

In response to "Use that quote" at CDHK

Life and death

Eager to see buds
and also the newly borns;
And when both grow and bloom,
wait for timely withering
and to slowly part with life.


In the deep dark night
she knocked at my eyelids,
calmly she entered;
I expected few roses
but she offered only thorns!

Blue adapts well

Presenting a tanka on water, for CDHK's Theme week

holds significance, but nothing to its credit - no colour, shape, taste - - accommodates everything setting up an example.


Leaves swaying
and wavering mind
Trunk rooted
like legs on ground
Arboreal instincts


rejuvenated by daily morning yoga sound mind and body

In response to CDHK's prompt Carpe diem#1206 on "Yoga"

Rain on road

Memories puddled
as drops of rain hit the roads -
wet pebbles and frogs.

 In response to MLMM's Heeding haiku with Chevrefeuille on the topic "frog"

Finding peace

Squalls of wrecked emotions and tears fight within for calm; no fear - to stop the storm of solitude; sojourn in abode of peace. Wandering through rough cold path, no more depression and wrath. Mind - - nude; finding abode of peace.
In response to photo challenge#168 at MLMM and Quadrille#34 at dVerse poets pub

Campanula on the hills

Lavender and blue
Chiming against green and brown
Bunch of little bells

In response to carpe diem#1201 at CDHK

Summer Wind

with warmth of a kiss
gently covers my body
graceful summer wind

My response to Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MLMM

A painting by Paul Whitener

PC: Paul Whitener (1911-1959) Big Bluff of Humpback Mountain, 1955, Oil
A voice echoes from the depth of this art, “his” wishful perseverance to marvel a craft. In its silence is hidden a message so worth, colourful extravaganza is not for earth - effortless, subtle and unblemished beauty, hues of green’s enough to make it pretty.

In response to Margaret's challenge at IGWRT, titled "Artistic interpretations with Margaret - Small town inspiration..."

Unconditional love (16) - Marriage

the nuptial knot binding for eternity two intimate hearts

In response to CDHK Summer Retreat 2017 on "Unconditional love"

Unconditional Love (15) - Mother's love

Angelic love; invincibly pure and serene from womb to grave
PC: Google image
In response to CDHK Summer Retreat 2017 on "unconditional love"

Unconditional love (14)

Just you and me
in the silent dark night
and budding romance

                       PC: Google images

In response to CDHK Summer Retreat 2017 on the topic unconditional love.

Unconditional love (13)

In response to CDHK's Summer Retreat 2017 on the topic "Unconditional love"

Two attracted souls love lit magic in hearts True love forever!

PC: google image

Unconditional love (11)- sand dunes

Pattern on sand designed to tune of music played by wind


In response to Summer Retreat at CDHK.

Back to the source

PC: google images

The mystical vast universe beholds certainty of enigmatic life and beyond. Unfolds the tale of cosmic supremacy woven together to manifest destiny. Aether for shelter, water for living, fire for power and air for being. Strength and harmony bestowed by land Humans on it, composed of grains of sand. Undoubtedly then, when the sparkle’s gone, He’s returned to the sand all alone.

PC: google images

In response to "Midweek Motif- A grain of sand", hosted by Sumana Roy.

In colours of your love

I am the canvas You are the artist Lend me your colours
I am the canvas unfilled and colourless awaiting your touch
You are the artist paint me in your feelings whet your mood
Lend me your colours of love, lust, leisure and grief make me one with you

In response to Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille at MLMM.  The original haiku was written for CDHK's Summer Retreat 2017 themed "unconditional love".

Unconditional love (10)

I am the canvas for you to spill paints of love lend me your colours

In response to CDHK Summer Retreat 2017

Unconditional love (9)

to the fading waves says the loyal waiting shore "come again soon"
In response to CDHK Summer Retreat 2017

I have li'l idea about usage of dialogues in haiku or making a conversational haiku. It sounded good to me, so linking it up.  I will be pleased to hear from you, my friends, if dialogue in haiku exists, and if not, does it sound good...

Inside outsider

Picture from MPR News on outsider art.

I am the inside outsider Indebted to - birth and life - - For the rent free costly survival here and life extension year after year. For the consistent untruly hopes from dears and false myths to keep away fears.
I am the inside outsider Blind, deaf and dumb– I see deceit others and I wear but life is the brightest lie, one can only - stare. Ocean of lies I say and hear but life is the widest lie, one can only - bear.
I am the inside outsider I am not of this land, water and air, Do not know -  I belong -  where? I found my temporary accommodation here, A life with some satisfaction, more scare, Dawning on me, my existence is - - but mere!

In response to "Outsider art" by Karin gustafson at Imaginary garden with real toads.

Unconditional love (8)

We are the jigsaw
puzzle - when glued together,
You complete me!

Unconditional love (7)

trailing a pattern
ink drop merges in water;
My love blends in your's!

Path of life

PC: Mi Young Lee

…and when the cassette began to rewind - I looked at what I earned and lost on my way. The reel showed a vibrant mosaic of colours; a patch of happy as well as bad times. No turns, no ups, nor downs but straight, I assessed the path of my emotional life. All the grouch seems useless now, time had been kind and always on my side. With every dark patch it offered a light zone, And all through with love and support of the own…

In response to Susie's "Bits of imagination" at IGWRT.

Unconditional love (6) - "lamp and fly"

In love for light, flies advance to ignited lamps, for a burning death

Unconditional love (5)

absence of judgement,
acceptance without demands,
boundless affection.

The long wait ...

To the one I have been waiting for,

Find my love - - still young and enamoured, read through this li’l note and give me your word. It’s been a score that you’ve managed alone, You’d live for them, but now they’re grown. They’ll choose their ways ‘n will be gone, solitude - - is what you will own – or maybe you’ll shuttle like a birdie over net, so why not hold my hands instead? -  let’s build our new nest!
Continuing the wait…

Linking this to the post card poem prompt at dVerse poets pub.

Unconditional love (4)- "Strength of love"

Strength to hide tears -
Intense, inviolable
Love - unconditional!

Unconditional love (3)- "Selfless Sun"

Radiance of love
bestowed upon earth, by sun
He earns no returns

Unconditional love (2) - Mother crow

She looked after eggs
that cuckoo laid in her nest;
Ah! Motherly love!

Unconditional love (1)- "Love over fear"

unconditional love in
a heart, pure and clear -
no room for fear

Rain of thoughts

Body drenching in the rain; mind in past thoughts, painted in moistened eyes

Finding light

MLMM Heeding haiku withChèvrefeuille (lighthouse)

Life was tired granting her all goodness and wishes. Tremors hit her land sweeping away all that was dear, leaving her all alone. Acceptance does not come easy to us. The strong hills stood behind her, no sooner, beneath her. The swaying winds brought to her a painful song of the dead, and a wishful invitation. She stepped to the edge, a stone rolled down, a li’l thud and a cry. Her distracted self, ignored the cry that slowly raised louder. The mother in her made a swift turn. Her search ended, grabbing him in her arms. An incentive she wouldn’t want to lose. Composed, though late and hard. Her new journey began.
roaring waves tower, finding path in the dark sails, a ship to lighthouse

I am new to writing haibun and have made maximum efforts in crafting this. I welcome criticism whole heartedly! help me learn and write more :)

Empress from dusk to dawn

She is -  today -   a still log- tethered to savour, eyelids treasure – those tears, from severed memories, of the penny gush ‘bout this lavish city. 
The girl she knew - insignificant, grovelling at feet; now measures her worth, with her visitor’s count. The night is sore somewhere here; beholds tears from rotten carcass - Early scavengers undressed and caressed, she now mourns her breathing death. Her reflection denies a dream the iris still holds; Past had it – a nightmare; her altered, ruined reverie, She refuses to close her eyes, but to hide dew from the last fun-filled ruthless night, where glossy lips seduced and the heart within cursed few.

For mindlovemisery menagerie's wordle#150 and poem sketch at IGWRT:
Words used (penny gush, lavish, girl, iris, mutable (here, altered), grovel, insignificant, count, reflection)


Swift descend followed routinely by graceful rise

My response to  Carpe Diem #1170 fountain

Scent of perfume (personified)

She is a flirt-  her charm casted on sane, an addiction; her seduction to be blamed – her concealed superlative unmatched beauty, like sparkle on waves of afternoon sea, the earthliness of mud – on a day, rainy, she’s a filthy, sultry love epitome. She is the freshness of vanilla, plumpness of berries, Boldness of citrus and cinnamon woody. She is the ecstatic blooms and pulpy fruits, and impulse of fragrances; whisking minds. She is the unembellished adornment; timid’s chaste and strength to dare, the urge of sublime consummation; and the essence of womanhood.

In response to "Bits of Imagination -Perfume" with Susie Clevenger, at Imaginary garden with real toads. and
Linking to "Open link #191" at dVerse poets pub

Taste of colours

Welcome friends to my kitchen of colours. There's some cooking happening in here... I wish you enjoy this recipe ;)

Linking to  Play it again toads! at Imaginary garden with real toads (73 words with Mama Zen) and also to  Sanaa's Prompt nights at A dash of sunny 
Emptying can n’ squeezing the tubes; With pinch of black - or - white for hues - brushes to splash; a knife to spread all from kitchen - to - canvas;       not bread! Clear portions of neat julienne; spherifications around when drying is done. Haven to mind – the colourful palette, Food for soul that has - colour savouring palate! Magic of love n’ varnish preservative Relish this painting, do you find it attractive?

©Vijita Pillai, 2016


settling dew and the glowing white
tells night’s tale

For CDHK#1166

Aching giggle

For Quadrille#27 on "giggle"
This one depicts a raw emotion of laughing at one's own past and accepting it as inanity out of innocence

Wind hums music; calm and low, muffled within is vortex of emotions-  with ages receded red rose charm - Once where rested my innocence, cradles lullaby today to your naïve – Separated from me; you stand with another and one, Past, is now, only giggles.

Bugler's charm

For Quadrille#27 at dVerse - poets pub
A fun take on "giggle"
Li’l ones gather to sing their jingle Jingling offbeat notes in a bizarre mingle A mingler joins, now closely snuggle On random broken noises from bugle Amusing bugler, funny bones giggle The giggling little, slowly get to jiggle
From jiggling loud laughs, happiness trickle

Friends are the light of life

For Sanaa's prompt night on "Through the eyes of my friend"

When life threw me in deep darkness, whose depth and girth I could not see, wished I had a li’l way out, where hopeful light appeared to me. Few torches then approached closer, Skeptical - “my desire granted”? Oh, I be in no doubts .. life has never been so kind, In the pairs of eyes that came by, Saw my worth, to which I was blind To the gloom, they were not just light, Friends in the dark, they were light of life …

Don't Kill Me

Minutes before I pass down, unveiling my identity, My bearer, I wish to say-be prepared to have their pity. I fathom your despair; for I am not the first, there were also two ‘n three! I understand-- for your people, it’s blissful-“he”, discontent-“she”! In this moment of agony your heart cries out and I can see, It’s not this pain, but you weep trepidation; loud prayers that I be “he”. Hard will it be- some abuses, few sympathies; but happiness will flee, Will you still hold me safe, “Mother, will you protect me?”
You know you’re lucky, who bloom each time, while few others make desperate plea, If your people are so cruel, I wish in some other womb I could be! The fateful is yet to come-no more in you; it’ll be you and me, If head goes out I will see the ones, who sting you like bee, If firm feet down, I go out; I’ll be safe till knee --- You be brave, let me out, let’s begin with blood and sea, Look around Mother; find a face –that’ll be happy to see me! Will your people change, celebrate and ever…