he proposed to her with purple orchid bouquet, desires flowered

Writing after a long time.
Happy to be writing again forCarpe Diem #1548 orchids (ran) (classical kigo)


Gazing out the window, was never so hurting before - disturbance that well the eyes and the heart roars, a song of melancholy hums from within - - no drop of hope the cloud gets; that could touch the skin. Watching patterns of clouds in puddles was fun before, tarred roads reflected on clouds today, making it look sore. Wish of a selfish me, was to see the crying clouds, I hoped to see the hope that wished me luck aloud.
... and then the drops poured down, in a gush to wet the ground, a melting heart, emotions drenched, dry me, but wet surround. I get to the edge, open windows, and allow the water in, the body soaked and so the mind, in world of feelings akin - - Moist soil brings to me memories of the days bygone, for some time now, solitude is where I found the cozy zone. I believe clouds wished the same for me, water trickle down my eyes, Earth rejoice the moments of now, while I celebrate past.

Nostalgia -by Vijita Pillai © 2017

shapes of clouds

gossiping clouds,
cluster and drift apart designing patterns

In response to "Use that Quote" at CDHK


smiling through sunshine
and weeping through gloomy mist
Cloudly emotions

In response to "Use that quote" at CDHK

Life and death

Eager to see buds
and also the newly borns;
And when both grow and bloom,
wait for timely withering
and to slowly part with life.


In the deep dark night
she knocked at my eyelids,
calmly she entered;
I expected few roses
but she offered only thorns!