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The mystical vast universe beholds
certainty of enigmatic life and beyond.
Unfolds the tale of cosmic supremacy
woven together to manifest destiny.
Aether for shelter, water for living,
fire for power and air for being.
Strength and harmony bestowed by land
Humans on it, composed of grains of sand.
Undoubtedly then, when the sparkle’s gone,
He’s returned to the sand all alone.

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In response to "Midweek Motif- A grain of sand", hosted by Sumana Roy.


  1. "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse..." ~ Walt Whitman

  2. Hello, Vijita! I enjoyed seeing these little grains of sand as part of the vastness and certainty. There will be sparkle and there will be unity: dust to dust, sand to sand.

  3. Beautiful write! Can't help but see ouselves as grains of sand, alone in this vastness.

    1. Thank you :)
      your comment has rather summarized well my thought... :D

  4. This is incredibly deep! Love your response to the prompt ❤️

  5. From cosmic dust to amazing journey.

  6. "all alone"
    ends on a poignant note

    much love...

  7. That completes the cycle, Vijita! Very interesting take on the!


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