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Aching giggle

For Quadrille#27 on "giggle"
This one depicts a raw emotion of laughing at one's own past and accepting it as inanity out of innocence

Wind hums music; calm and low, muffled within is vortex of emotions-  with ages receded red rose charm - Once where rested my innocence, cradles lullaby today to your na├»ve – Separated from me; you stand with another and one, Past, is now, only giggles.

Bugler's charm

For Quadrille#27 at dVerse - poets pub
A fun take on "giggle"
Li’l ones gather to sing their jingle Jingling offbeat notes in a bizarre mingle A mingler joins, now closely snuggle On random broken noises from bugle Amusing bugler, funny bones giggle The giggling little, slowly get to jiggle
From jiggling loud laughs, happiness trickle

Friends are the light of life

For Sanaa's prompt night on "Through the eyes of my friend"

When life threw me in deep darkness, whose depth and girth I could not see, wished I had a li’l way out, where hopeful light appeared to me. Few torches then approached closer, Skeptical - “my desire granted”? Oh, I be in no doubts .. life has never been so kind, In the pairs of eyes that came by, Saw my worth, to which I was blind To the gloom, they were not just light, Friends in the dark, they were light of life …

Don't Kill Me

Minutes before I pass down, unveiling my identity, My bearer, I wish to say-be prepared to have their pity. I fathom your despair; for I am not the first, there were also two ‘n three! I understand-- for your people, it’s blissful-“he”, discontent-“she”! In this moment of agony your heart cries out and I can see, It’s not this pain, but you weep trepidation; loud prayers that I be “he”. Hard will it be- some abuses, few sympathies; but happiness will flee, Will you still hold me safe, “Mother, will you protect me?”
You know you’re lucky, who bloom each time, while few others make desperate plea, If your people are so cruel, I wish in some other womb I could be! The fateful is yet to come-no more in you; it’ll be you and me, If head goes out I will see the ones, who sting you like bee, If firm feet down, I go out; I’ll be safe till knee --- You be brave, let me out, let’s begin with blood and sea, Look around Mother; find a face –that’ll be happy to see me! Will your people change, celebrate and ever…