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Unspoken Love

My love found a nest Not with you, but happy yet You- a dream unfair


Altering seasons And wavering emotions Humans, abide all!


Murky silence creeps Lightning vein through rumbling puff Wounded heart makes din


I - no more complain, nor hold any regrets in life- Choicest pick was Mine!

Fog speaks

Hazy white mist spoke Life unclear conceals secrets Future revealed slow


From a dream that I do not recall, I woke up one day finding way to the bath, but passing out half way. No liking for food, yet rats always in there, upset digestion and sleeping everywhere!

The steths and white coats confirmed, reason for discomfort, Oh li'l one! You were growing in me! After years of effort! I felt so sad for cursing the days; with bad tummy and the moods worse; But I realized there you are; and that gave more motives to care!

I spoke to you, and made your dad too, and as days passed, there were others, not just us two. You turned and twisted, I could make that out, You did hurt me at start; I even would shout! You took me by surprise, each day when you grew, The movements inside, an experience so new!

I took it as the beginning of a new phase of life, the best feeling, leave past being daughter, friend and wife. We had been waiting to have you for years, my heart cried in pain, from eyes rolled tears - at the sight of kids with others in the park, an aching silence would grow; the …

The value of value

I wonder why, value dies, with each generation, No reason why children cry, get unwanted attention.
I look back to the olden days; me as a child wanted to play with the ever beautiful doll they say- Barbie; owned by all my friends and foe, Lot of other dolls I had though, But eyes were set at all shop windows,  who sold them amidst cars, game sets and bows.
Never did I make an evident say, But eagerness in eyes grew day by day. Lucky me!  Was finally answered once after meal, Parents who saw the desire made a fair deal: Succeed and reach to the top, they made this plea, The Barbie is only then yours, nothing comes for free!
No! if you think- it’s wrong they did, I wouldn’t have thought any other being a kid. I knew they could easily get me one ‘coz my wanting was when I had other dolls; nine! But now I know, they were so right, For what I wanted, with my own-self, I had to fight!
Several times did I excel, but pinnacle never did I see; I grew up with time and the Barbie dream died within me, When job, lo…