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shapes of clouds

gossiping clouds,
cluster and drift apart designing patterns

In response to "Use that Quote" at CDHK


smiling through sunshine
and weeping through gloomy mist
Cloudly emotions

In response to "Use that quote" at CDHK

Life and death

Eager to see buds
and also the newly borns;
And when both grow and bloom,
wait for timely withering
and to slowly part with life.


In the deep dark night
she knocked at my eyelids,
calmly she entered;
I expected few roses
but she offered only thorns!

Blue adapts well

Presenting a tanka on water, for CDHK's Theme week

holds significance, but nothing to its credit - no colour, shape, taste - - accommodates everything setting up an example.


Leaves swaying
and wavering mind
Trunk rooted
like legs on ground
Arboreal instincts


rejuvenated by daily morning yoga sound mind and body

In response to CDHK's prompt Carpe diem#1206 on "Yoga"

Rain on road

Memories puddled
as drops of rain hit the roads -
wet pebbles and frogs.

 In response to MLMM's Heeding haiku with Chevrefeuille on the topic "frog"

Finding peace

Squalls of wrecked emotions and tears fight within for calm; no fear - to stop the storm of solitude; sojourn in abode of peace. Wandering through rough cold path, no more depression and wrath. Mind - - nude; finding abode of peace.
In response to photo challenge#168 at MLMM and Quadrille#34 at dVerse poets pub

Campanula on the hills

Lavender and blue
Chiming against green and brown
Bunch of little bells

In response to carpe diem#1201 at CDHK