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You will not be spared!

This is the voice of the needy, the destitute, the commoners, the subordinates against the powerful, the rich and the superiors. The voice of each struggling soul to the people who hurt them and make them suffer. Now is the time - if you do not respond to the authority, you will be taken for granted! Allow not the rule over you if you are right. Let not others affect you in a way that you become helpless - speak back, retaliate, fight and bring out their true colours!! Be a rebel!

You are the reason for my cries today You have the power, so I have to obey Your tantrums are making me strong, no doubt But you will soon face the crowd’s shouts
Your sadist mind has the pleasure You enjoy seeing me in pressure You are a hypocrite and I shall reveal your truth And this is not mere rage of the youth
You may have this time for your leisure Your reality will be portrayed for sure You will not be spared for your deeds This too shall pass, you too shall bleed

Silent night

Tanka for "Seven days before Christmas" at CDHK # 2 Silent night

Stars sing lullaby to the sleepless earth below - Festive season - Moon dances, celebrating alone in the silent sky

A new dawn

Tanka for CDHK's "seven days before Christmas" #1 a new dawn

Old crops harvested. New seeds dug deep into soil- finds new beginning. Nourishment for better growth- like good thoughts for fresh new start...

Anonymous birthday wish

This one's specially for the hostess Sanaa, as she celebrates her Birthday week!! The prompt at "A dash of sunny" this week is "Round hour of dawning blush, come blow me a wish- Birthday Special"

The roads and gates; and the two-lands fate more are things that keep us far; but when we gaze high; at the vast sky both of us - see the same stars! The flowing wind sees no course -  could have touched past me and come to you! So here my friend, who is miles away I send you wishes that will sway to you through mild, caressing whispers; in the evening sky, lit by the winking stars - When you feel a special touch, that’s my friend, all the luck, the love and warmth I have sent -  With the nature’s messengers

Finding silence

Haiku # 30 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
the moon amidst starts finding silence; stays apart so does disturbed heart

Colour of silence

Haiku # 29 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
the gushing white falls too has the colour of peace; silent feel of joy

The silent fear

Haiku # 28 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
a path uncertain - moving steadily on it; fear, confronted


Haiku # 27 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat at CDHK

thick white hazy mist is silently unveiled  so is masked future


Haiku # 26 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
Invisible touch Inaudible songs of love Caressing by wind

Granny's tears

Haiku # 25 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
Sobbing like a child tears trickling down her wrinkles; I am the reason


Haiku #24 on "find the silence" in Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

the broken tree branch and stillness of rocking chair - both; lost life


Haiku # 23 on  "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Earthly smell; Rain seeping through mud, Memories through mind

Coffee sips

Haiku # 22 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
I love to sit alone by the window side and enjoy rains, while sipping hot coffee...There's a sense of calmness that sets in and a feeling of freshness
Haiku and photo -  Vijita

Hot and sweet whirlpool
rejuvenation in rains
Taste of happiness

Silent thinking

Haiku # 21 on the theme "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
Haiku and painting - Vijita©2016

Imagination is ambiguity of thoughts fiery, fear and cool

over the hills...

Haiku # 20 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 and also for Jane#8 gathering clouds - at CDHK
Haiku and photography- Vijita©2016

canopy of clouds
covering the sun and hills
in frozen calmness

Classroom silence

Haiku #19 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
This one's a li'l fun, doesn't relate to nature or seasons, so would not be excatly a haiku. I am not even sure if it's a Senryu. But this definitely is "finding pin-drop silence" 

loitered stuffs and kids  rapidly get organized when teacher enters

Night sky charm

Haiku # 18 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Ornamented dark - white pearl with sprinkled diamonds invading desires

Webbed silence

Haiku # 17 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Shelter woven strong missing strings of happiness without visitors

Staircase to Serenity

Haiku # 16 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

flowing wind carries enchanted ancient stories of serenity

Stream song

Haiku #15 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Silent are the rocks  on which the calm water flows Relaxing stream song


Haiku #14 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat at CDHK

Silence of rain drop

Haiku #13 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Also linking to Carpe diem # 1082 Raindrops

Haiku and Photography Vijita ©

The silent beauty

Haiku# 12 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Haiku and Photography Vijita© 2016

Nature makes no sound, it's beauty- self inviting -  beyond words and voice

Reawakening dreams

Haiku #11 on the theme "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

It's morning again...

The dark hills set a perfect contrast -  for the sun to rise and rays be cast. Trees wake up in envy of hills - for sun caresses it before the green frills. Wind carries silence of dawn, flowing blue hums a country song. Slowly the sky steal colors of sun, lends it to river like they are just one! Naughty water tickles grasses on its way, that fall a drenched sleep as they shy away. Elements of nature have started the day, Let’s too wake up and join to say – Happy to have received yet another one, Forces be with us to have good deeds done!

My submission forArtistic Interpretations with Margaret - Carol Law Conklin Batik Artistat Imaginary garden with real toads Margaret wants us to write an original poem or greatly re-vise an old poem for this prompt tagging the wonderful work of Carol Law Conklin, a batik artist. Her beautiful art pieces have been showcased on her website "Amity Farm Batik" .

Clouds over mountains

Haiku # 10 on the theme "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
At high altitude - white blanket carries silence over crowded greens

Silence at Lamahatta

Haiku # 9 on the theme "find the silence" in Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Also linking this to the Tuesday platform at IGWRT.

I have tried my best and ......hope to have done complete justice to the tranquility of the lake at Lamahatta. 
So for those of my friends who do not know about this place - It is a small village in India on the way from Darjeeling to Gangtok, two famous hill stations and tourist spots! In the heart of the village is a garden, much like a dense forest I would say - which starts with a low lying plain with garden of beautifully arranged vibrant flowers, followed by a steep hill covered densely with tall dark (and at places scary) trees and shrubs. The tiresome trek is nearly an hour or two long, but really worth the pain! When you reach the top of the hill, there... where sky and land is one... all you find is thick fog and somewhere in between as you walk more on the surface is a place where only beauty and silence speaks... a still beautiful magical …

First light

Haiku #8 for "find the silence" at CDHK's Winter Retreat 2016

Silent rising sun Over the noiseless mountains Golden beginning

Cycle of life

For Carpe diem special Japanese poetry in the lowland#4

Music of life

Haiku#7 for "find the silence" Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

inhale and exhale the rhythm of existence
in meditation

Voice of solitude

Haiku#6 for "find the silence" CDHK Winter retreat 2016

Heard others in noise chased silence to hear own self Mystic solitude


This week at IGWRT, we are presenting micro poetries on the topic "the cross-roads" in 10 lines or less. So, here is a small poetry form called cinquain from me..
Basically cinquain is a 5-line stanza which follows the following pattern:
1.    Title
2.    Two words to describe title
3.Three words to express action
4.Four words to express a feeling
5.One word that restates  the title

Amidst all the emotions that one feel when it comes to decision making and choosing a path further, the bitter truth is that there is no one correct path! All ways however lead to a better future or prepare one for a better future :)

Crossroads offer choice pick a way there’s no right path steppingstone


Haiku# 5 on "find the silence" theme for Carpe diem Haiku kai's Winter retreat 2016. 
For my non-Indian friends to understand the haiku better, I would like to explain that here, in India, not all bodies are preserved after death. Most of the hindus dispose body through cremation. The belief is that the soul, which is the true representation of a person is detached from the physical form, on death and the body no more has any significance. Cremation is done by laying the body on a pile of wood and burning them to ashes.

Wood and man; ashes - fumes rise high up in the sky Minute of silence

Finding Silence

wandered long like air for words to express myself ‘til I found silence

Haiku#4 for Carpe diem Haiku kai winter retreat 2016 on the theme "find the silence"

Nature's Music

droplet from a leaf - trickled slowly into sea Nature’s soulful beat
That's my third haiku for Carpe diem first Winter retreat with the theme "find the silence", where we have been prompted to write a haiku everyday, for 30 days  :)

Parting ways

you stand next to me hearts distances apart a lonely silence
Carpe Diem First Winter Retreat 2016 the kick off - find the silence: Haiku # 2

The Proposal

Blindfold me and take me along to a beautiful garden and sing me a song... Hold my hands and shower your charm Take me to the wooden bridge where the breeze is calm - And when the magical bond is labelled with a word, I wish not water, nor flowers nor air; none have it heard. When you unfold blind and my eyes meet yours, I wish to have the glow gorgeous than theirs- Eyes shinier than marigold, jasmine, iris Much brighter than lillies and coreopsis! The pink cheeks like timid allium and poppy The lush of red from zinnia and peony! The anthurium glaze on my smiling lips, You be the bee for the nectar sips. A garden of love you nurtured for eons, The long wait no less hurting than thorns, I promise to stay with you by the vows, Let no prickles; only beautiful rose J


If eschatology were to be believed, Life were to end by now, certainly; but here; I live and so do you, something says we’ve eons to spend. Restlessness steals peace of solitude, drenched in memories; good and odd; pushing the seams of wrapped, lost thoughts; like turning pages of an old read book. Adversities that bedraggled bonds, sudden flash of a well-kept secret, debris of broken hearts from deceived love; conducts that awarded unfair epithets - tears flow down of joy and sorrow, as glimpses from this movie are caught, I wish some edits could be made, only if some time could be borrowed! The air of grief then slowly hummed, the songs of happiness we sang then; reminding that the bad whiles spent, are indeed that keeps other times content.
For Wordle#127 at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie and tuesday platform at Imaginary garden with real toads


Haiku for Carpe diem 4th anniversary special in Kala Ramesh's 5th "with all the stars"

the glowing bright stars captured in transparent jars make lively lanterns

Learning from Experience

This week at Imaginary garden with real toads, poets frame queries in "Fashion me a poem", using not more than 100 words, in the style of Emily Dickinson's 'Answer July'
Here's one on the dilemma on which is the best phase of life - past, present or future: 

Answer tomorrow -  What do you hold - Where lies my smile - Which way to memory?
Sighed tomorrow - Are you bold - Can you laugh every while - Yester is remembrance already!
I am gone - said yesterday - What did I teach - Where is the dream - Do you wish to deem - What is it today?
Frowns today – Is past the leisure I had – Is future good or bad – How many more of me(s) to add?
Exclaimed – life explained – Beautiful was yester – Upcoming not to pester – Today a daily fad!
Live everyday – taught experience

waiting for you

It was the last it poured down wetting the leaves, the raindrops find this beautiful young leaf among others.. but it's time to say goodbye! :(  The leaf waits eagerly to meet her beloved when cycle of season brings him back, this time she is just not as young! ;)

last mystical rain fondly pecking the young leaves romance slowly buds
clouds descend mountain silentvalley with hush leaves air carries monks’ chants
like the paleriver waits to glow with summer breeze she yearned for his kiss
when its snow, she’s grown, hear the sparrows’ sing love songs she gazes atblue sky

The task was to use the highlighted words, without breaking the order, each in a line and writing haiku (s).

Open air performance

birds in concert one sings above all others I don't know its name
taken from: Haiku, by Herman van Rompuy
In Carpe diem special (3rd guest - Herman van Rompuy), the topic to write any of the Japanese poetry form is "birds in concert".

Birds sing, leaves sway,
Bliss of caressing cold breeze - 
living the moment

She plays with fire

This week's prompt from d'Verse poets pub, a challenge put by Lillian- "Homophone me" urges us to write a poem using homophones.

The words I have chosen for this one are air/heir, fair/fair/fare(d), flair/flare, stair(s)/stare(d), few/phew

Praises in the air, she was no big-shot's heir - For the fair young lady with flair to paint flames flare; to have fared well, was only so fair! As she climbed stairs of success, few eyes glared and stared, Phew! now she doesn’t really care!

Golden canopy

For Carpe Diem  Universal Jane #3 riversong

Kristjaan Panneman at CDHK challenges us to write a Tan Renga or Soliloquy continuing with Jane Reichhold's autumn haiku- riversong:

Wind blowing from autumn tree
A stream of gold

Submitting Tan Renga:

riversong wind blowing from autumn tree A stream of gold  (JR) sun gleaming from canopy kisses earth through orange veil

Moulding character

Carpe Diem #1076 Clay

painstaking efforts to shape a good character fun playing with clay

The pink beauty

CD Special, based on Kala Ramesh's Haiku prompts

Adorned with gold rays Thousand pink suns in water Rippled reflection