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Swift descend followed routinely by graceful rise

My response to  Carpe Diem #1170 fountain

Scent of perfume (personified)

She is a flirt-  her charm casted on sane, an addiction; her seduction to be blamed – her concealed superlative unmatched beauty, like sparkle on waves of afternoon sea, the earthliness of mud – on a day, rainy, she’s a filthy, sultry love epitome. She is the freshness of vanilla, plumpness of berries, Boldness of citrus and cinnamon woody. She is the ecstatic blooms and pulpy fruits, and impulse of fragrances; whisking minds. She is the unembellished adornment; timid’s chaste and strength to dare, the urge of sublime consummation; and the essence of womanhood.

In response to "Bits of Imagination -Perfume" with Susie Clevenger, at Imaginary garden with real toads. and
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Taste of colours

Welcome friends to my kitchen of colours. There's some cooking happening in here... I wish you enjoy this recipe ;)

Linking to  Play it again toads! at Imaginary garden with real toads (73 words with Mama Zen) and also to  Sanaa's Prompt nights at A dash of sunny 
Emptying can n’ squeezing the tubes; With pinch of black - or - white for hues - brushes to splash; a knife to spread all from kitchen - to - canvas;       not bread! Clear portions of neat julienne; spherifications around when drying is done. Haven to mind – the colourful palette, Food for soul that has - colour savouring palate! Magic of love n’ varnish preservative Relish this painting, do you find it attractive?

©Vijita Pillai, 2016


settling dew and the glowing white
tells night’s tale

For CDHK#1166