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Learning from Experience

This week at Imaginary garden with real toads, poets frame queries in "Fashion me a poem", using not more than 100 words, in the style of Emily Dickinson's 'Answer July'
Here's one on the dilemma on which is the best phase of life - past, present or future: 

Answer tomorrow -  What do you hold - Where lies my smile - Which way to memory?
Sighed tomorrow - Are you bold - Can you laugh every while - Yester is remembrance already!
I am gone - said yesterday - What did I teach - Where is the dream - Do you wish to deem - What is it today?
Frowns today – Is past the leisure I had – Is future good or bad – How many more of me(s) to add?
Exclaimed – life explained – Beautiful was yester – Upcoming not to pester – Today a daily fad!
Live everyday – taught experience

waiting for you

It was the last it poured down wetting the leaves, the raindrops find this beautiful young leaf among others.. but it's time to say goodbye! :(  The leaf waits eagerly to meet her beloved when cycle of season brings him back, this time she is just not as young! ;)

last mystical rain fondly pecking the young leaves romance slowly buds
clouds descend mountain silentvalley with hush leaves air carries monks’ chants
like the paleriver waits to glow with summer breeze she yearned for his kiss
when its snow, she’s grown, hear the sparrows’ sing love songs she gazes atblue sky

The task was to use the highlighted words, without breaking the order, each in a line and writing haiku (s).

Open air performance

birds in concert one sings above all others I don't know its name
taken from: Haiku, by Herman van Rompuy
In Carpe diem special (3rd guest - Herman van Rompuy), the topic to write any of the Japanese poetry form is "birds in concert".

Birds sing, leaves sway,
Bliss of caressing cold breeze - 
living the moment

She plays with fire

This week's prompt from d'Verse poets pub, a challenge put by Lillian- "Homophone me" urges us to write a poem using homophones.

The words I have chosen for this one are air/heir, fair/fair/fare(d), flair/flare, stair(s)/stare(d), few/phew

Praises in the air, she was no big-shot's heir - For the fair young lady with flair to paint flames flare; to have fared well, was only so fair! As she climbed stairs of success, few eyes glared and stared, Phew! now she doesn’t really care!

Golden canopy

For Carpe Diem  Universal Jane #3 riversong

Kristjaan Panneman at CDHK challenges us to write a Tan Renga or Soliloquy continuing with Jane Reichhold's autumn haiku- riversong:

Wind blowing from autumn tree
A stream of gold

Submitting Tan Renga:

riversong wind blowing from autumn tree A stream of gold  (JR) sun gleaming from canopy kisses earth through orange veil

Moulding character

Carpe Diem #1076 Clay

painstaking efforts to shape a good character fun playing with clay

The pink beauty

CD Special, based on Kala Ramesh's Haiku prompts

Adorned with gold rays Thousand pink suns in water Rippled reflection


In heat of moment, Passion splashed, sowing its seeds; Belly bloom blossom
Written for TOI's #RhymeIndia 
Also tagged with "Transforming Fridays with Hannah" at imaginary gardens with real toads and CDHK for Carpe Diem Universal Jane#4 abalone shells and lovers

Let there be light!

Writing for Sanaa's Prompt nights :)

The sky is bright, Sun in its might; Matter of concern -  where’s “the light”?
From the spell of dew that made me smile, till tiny shadow & me, drenched in its shine; No curtains of clouds covered for a while, but found no ray - ending the quest, jewels drain brine!
The flaming torches and spark of matches, none emitted a soulful light; Wishful of sensing, with closed lashes, A “caged ruby” that shines bright!
Darkness of anger, ego and hatred, dusted on the red gem, Brush it with care & love that’s sacred, For a free world having none to condemn ..
As pure as the gem, let “it” be clean, Then shall light of humanity & oneness be seen!

In and Inspired

With folks around, their whirlpool of views I fell in it, my notions buried - No regrets for I had the finest lot, With them I saw the best times fly. ..and here I mourn their absence – Memories now poems, shaped in solitude…
Wandering today, wonder what I lost, On the roads that we once explored, On ways that echoed unconfined laughs;
The inner self finds hard to smile - ..and the sparkling whites are sealed. Now wrinkles of wisdom, unfold in solitude…
I breathed; but died a hundred times, Now respire reminiscence - Stood still, yet walked a thousand miles, the path of despair past. ..and today I am the Phoenix – Rising strong from the hurt in solitude…
The sense of loneliness hurts no more, Love the pain bestowed on me, Now is the time I have for myself, Growing in time, by knowing me ..and wiser now; taking life easy - I spill emotions. Pen down thoughts; inspired by solitude

The Puppet Show

PC: Life is a stage; for a skit un-scripted, Actors, forced to play their part, Of all the roles, there’s one lead; and that is - the protagonist Heart. The show- a finished portrait of thought- that the Mind beautifully paints, Masked story with streaks of emotions; some applauded glories & few pains. Responses steer this tale of perception; to be in distress or to be at peace The puppet Heart dances to Mind’s conviction; complying till rhythm of life cease.

# For Sanaa's Prompt nights [35] at "a dash of Sunny" #Brevity 


Eyes purely mimicexpressions the heart conveys;hidden views exposed
and this one goes for "Transforming fridays with Hannah" at "Imaginary garden with real toads"

Thoughtful Evenings

In a leap I plant foot on the moon and in a fall see ocean bed,  such is the nature of thoughts; no topic, constant.
The clouds, I feel thunder within me, numb eyes losing its spark,
Drops pour down, form puddle of thoughts; cold I turn, feelings lost.
By the window side, sit a restless me, resting head on the wall,
Deeper goes sun, vanishing out; darker it turns, offers reasons to sob.
I try to be content, no grief touching my soul;
failed are the attempts when shallow breath strikes me more. Orange, red, pink, violet; more colors that fill life but to the lovely hues at this hour, I pay a fake smile; Emotions paint my thoughts; what I recall is some scars, few colorful lies;
Lie- isn’t Life one? Or the existence here, a colourless truth, The shades of gloom and tints of joy, how much is true, what is false?-
No answer I get any day and still gaze in the zero sphere,
The moon lights up and stars blink in, I am shaken for a while,
Then I catch up with the rhythm and an open mind sets em…


Farewell, Parting buddy Waving to you Heart cries memories, now- Goodbye!


Childhood- Blissful Innocence Adorned with Smile Happily- Loved, Cared, Pampered Baby-life!