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Haiku #14 on "find the silence" for Winter Retreat at CDHK

Silence of rain drop

Haiku #13 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Also linking to Carpe diem # 1082 Raindrops

Haiku and Photography Vijita ©

The silent beauty

Haiku# 12 on "find the silence" theme for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Haiku and Photography Vijita© 2016

Nature makes no sound, it's beauty- self inviting -  beyond words and voice

Reawakening dreams

Haiku #11 on the theme "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

It's morning again...

The dark hills set a perfect contrast -  for the sun to rise and rays be cast. Trees wake up in envy of hills - for sun caresses it before the green frills. Wind carries silence of dawn, flowing blue hums a country song. Slowly the sky steal colors of sun, lends it to river like they are just one! Naughty water tickles grasses on its way, that fall a drenched sleep as they shy away. Elements of nature have started the day, Let’s too wake up and join to say – Happy to have received yet another one, Forces be with us to have good deeds done!

My submission forArtistic Interpretations with Margaret - Carol Law Conklin Batik Artistat Imaginary garden with real toads Margaret wants us to write an original poem or greatly re-vise an old poem for this prompt tagging the wonderful work of Carol Law Conklin, a batik artist. Her beautiful art pieces have been showcased on her website "Amity Farm Batik" .

Clouds over mountains

Haiku # 10 on the theme "find the silence" for Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK
At high altitude - white blanket carries silence over crowded greens

Silence at Lamahatta

Haiku # 9 on the theme "find the silence" in Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Also linking this to the Tuesday platform at IGWRT.

I have tried my best and ......hope to have done complete justice to the tranquility of the lake at Lamahatta. 
So for those of my friends who do not know about this place - It is a small village in India on the way from Darjeeling to Gangtok, two famous hill stations and tourist spots! In the heart of the village is a garden, much like a dense forest I would say - which starts with a low lying plain with garden of beautifully arranged vibrant flowers, followed by a steep hill covered densely with tall dark (and at places scary) trees and shrubs. The tiresome trek is nearly an hour or two long, but really worth the pain! When you reach the top of the hill, there... where sky and land is one... all you find is thick fog and somewhere in between as you walk more on the surface is a place where only beauty and silence speaks... a still beautiful magical …

First light

Haiku #8 for "find the silence" at CDHK's Winter Retreat 2016

Silent rising sun Over the noiseless mountains Golden beginning

Cycle of life

For Carpe diem special Japanese poetry in the lowland#4

Music of life

Haiku#7 for "find the silence" Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

inhale and exhale the rhythm of existence
in meditation

Voice of solitude

Haiku#6 for "find the silence" CDHK Winter retreat 2016

Heard others in noise chased silence to hear own self Mystic solitude


This week at IGWRT, we are presenting micro poetries on the topic "the cross-roads" in 10 lines or less. So, here is a small poetry form called cinquain from me..
Basically cinquain is a 5-line stanza which follows the following pattern:
1.    Title
2.    Two words to describe title
3.Three words to express action
4.Four words to express a feeling
5.One word that restates  the title

Amidst all the emotions that one feel when it comes to decision making and choosing a path further, the bitter truth is that there is no one correct path! All ways however lead to a better future or prepare one for a better future :)

Crossroads offer choice pick a way there’s no right path steppingstone


Haiku# 5 on "find the silence" theme for Carpe diem Haiku kai's Winter retreat 2016. 
For my non-Indian friends to understand the haiku better, I would like to explain that here, in India, not all bodies are preserved after death. Most of the hindus dispose body through cremation. The belief is that the soul, which is the true representation of a person is detached from the physical form, on death and the body no more has any significance. Cremation is done by laying the body on a pile of wood and burning them to ashes.

Wood and man; ashes - fumes rise high up in the sky Minute of silence

Finding Silence

wandered long like air for words to express myself ‘til I found silence

Haiku#4 for Carpe diem Haiku kai winter retreat 2016 on the theme "find the silence"

Nature's Music

droplet from a leaf - trickled slowly into sea Nature’s soulful beat
That's my third haiku for Carpe diem first Winter retreat with the theme "find the silence", where we have been prompted to write a haiku everyday, for 30 days  :)

Parting ways

you stand next to me hearts distances apart a lonely silence
Carpe Diem First Winter Retreat 2016 the kick off - find the silence: Haiku # 2

The Proposal

Blindfold me and take me along to a beautiful garden and sing me a song... Hold my hands and shower your charm Take me to the wooden bridge where the breeze is calm - And when the magical bond is labelled with a word, I wish not water, nor flowers nor air; none have it heard. When you unfold blind and my eyes meet yours, I wish to have the glow gorgeous than theirs- Eyes shinier than marigold, jasmine, iris Much brighter than lillies and coreopsis! The pink cheeks like timid allium and poppy The lush of red from zinnia and peony! The anthurium glaze on my smiling lips, You be the bee for the nectar sips. A garden of love you nurtured for eons, The long wait no less hurting than thorns, I promise to stay with you by the vows, Let no prickles; only beautiful rose J


If eschatology were to be believed, Life were to end by now, certainly; but here; I live and so do you, something says we’ve eons to spend. Restlessness steals peace of solitude, drenched in memories; good and odd; pushing the seams of wrapped, lost thoughts; like turning pages of an old read book. Adversities that bedraggled bonds, sudden flash of a well-kept secret, debris of broken hearts from deceived love; conducts that awarded unfair epithets - tears flow down of joy and sorrow, as glimpses from this movie are caught, I wish some edits could be made, only if some time could be borrowed! The air of grief then slowly hummed, the songs of happiness we sang then; reminding that the bad whiles spent, are indeed that keeps other times content.
For Wordle#127 at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie and tuesday platform at Imaginary garden with real toads


Haiku for Carpe diem 4th anniversary special in Kala Ramesh's 5th "with all the stars"

the glowing bright stars captured in transparent jars make lively lanterns