The Proposal

Sung Kim 7

Blindfold me and take me along
to a beautiful garden and sing me a song...
Hold my hands and shower your charm
Take me to the wooden bridge where the breeze is calm -
And when the magical bond is labelled with a word,
I wish not water, nor flowers nor air; none have it heard.
When you unfold blind and my eyes meet yours,
I wish to have the glow gorgeous than theirs-
Eyes shinier than marigold, jasmine, iris
Much brighter than lillies and coreopsis!
The pink cheeks like timid allium and poppy
The lush of red from zinnia and peony!
The anthurium glaze on my smiling lips,
You be the bee for the nectar sips.
A garden of love you nurtured for eons,
The long wait no less hurting than thorns,
I promise to stay with you by the vows,
Let no prickles; only beautiful rose J


  1. I love how you made the colors of your garden into an image of a loved one...

  2. such a lovely of love!

  3. Wonderful use of metaphors in this lovely poem.

  4. How romantic and I love the garden of love ~

  5. This is so romantic, Vijita, and the speaker in the poem must trust the person they are addressing if they are willing to be blindfolded. The rhymes give the poem a lovely lilting quality.

    1. I would have trusted my hubby before marriage if he had done this for me ;) He chose a different style though :D

  6. This sounds so romantic.... Vijita totally my type. Keep it up

    1. I kind of felt you would love this one! ;)


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