Silence at Lamahatta

Haiku # 9 on the theme "find the silence" in Winter Retreat 2016 at CDHK

Also linking this to the Tuesday platform at IGWRT.

I have tried my best and ......hope to have done complete justice to the tranquility of the lake at Lamahatta. 

So for those of my friends who do not know about this place - It is a small village in India on the way from Darjeeling to Gangtok, two famous hill stations and tourist spots! In the heart of the village is a garden, much like a dense forest I would say - which starts with a low lying plain with garden of beautifully arranged vibrant flowers, followed by a steep hill covered densely with tall dark (and at places scary) trees and shrubs. The tiresome trek is nearly an hour or two long, but really worth the pain! When you reach the top of the hill, there... where sky and land is one... all you find is thick fog and somewhere in between as you walk more on the surface is a place where only beauty and silence speaks... a still beautiful magical lake!!!

Attaching few photos  :)

Photo credit: Vinaykrishnan

Photo credit: Vinaykrishnan

Photo credit: Vinaykrishnan

And the end... breathtaking beauty!
Haiku and Photography © Vijita Pillai 2016

On top of the hill
forested deep with tall trees
slept a silent lake


  1. absolutely beautiful....the snaps too!!

    1. The place is so beautiful that no pic can bring out its beauty... its a must see place :)

  2. OH, how deliciously written, wonderful haiku.


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