Golden canopy

For Carpe Diem  Universal Jane #3 riversong

Kristjaan Panneman at CDHK challenges us to write a Tan Renga or Soliloquy continuing with Jane Reichhold's autumn haiku- riversong:

Wind blowing from autumn tree
A stream of gold

Submitting Tan Renga:
Image result for beautiful autumn trees wallpapers

wind blowing from autumn tree
A stream of gold  (JR)
sun gleaming from canopy
kisses earth through orange veil


  1. Very nice, I loved the colours and the elements too.

  2. Wow ... autumn colors celebrated with a nice continuation of this Tan Renga. By the way ... Welcome at Carpe Diem.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome and also your kind appreciation :) :)

  3. Thank you Helen, Janice and Jazzy...

    I am totally loving it... the shades of autumn... :)

  4. Just beautiful Vijita. Fall is beautiful, nature changes all colors of leaves like in a picture. But, to me, the thought of coming winter is depressing. Don't take me wrong, winter is also beautiful, but treacherous to drive in.

    1. Aww..thank you :)

      that is how it is, that's how nature is balanced and emotions too... for seasons in India, i love winter and do not like monsoon... i guess that's fine, we all have our pick of the season :) ;)

      love to you :-*


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