Learning from Experience

This week at Imaginary garden with real toads, poets frame queries in "Fashion me a poem", using not more than 100 words, in the style of Emily Dickinson's 'Answer July'

Here's one on the dilemma on which is the best phase of life - past, present or future: 

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Answer tomorrow - 
What do you hold -
Where lies my smile -
Which way to memory?

Sighed tomorrow -
Are you bold -
Can you laugh every while -
Yester is remembrance already!

I am gone - said yesterday -
What did I teach -
Where is the dream -
Do you wish to deem -
What is it today?

Frowns today –
Is past the leisure I had –
Is future good or bad –
How many more of me(s) to add?

Exclaimed – life explained –
Beautiful was yester –
Upcoming not to pester –
Today a daily fad!

Live everyday – taught experience

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  1. This is a very skilled poem, where you have made deep thoughts presentable in a light form.

  2. I like this one, great questions, Vijita (love those dotted letters too, was you mom a romantic writer?). Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, facts and suppositions.

    1. Much delighted to have this comment :) Thanks a lot, glad that you like it :)

      ... and no, my Mom doesn't write :| :D

  3. A really wonderful response and it took me too, to pondering the three ghosts of Charles - A Christmas Carol

    Thanks for participating

    much love...

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and for this wonderful prompt :) That's a new style in poetry I attempted, love to learn more :)

  4. Whistles!! ❤️ Fabulous work done!!

  5. Replies
    1. Pleased to hear this comment, Thank you :)

  6. This was a gift of profound thoughts expressed so simply, but once read you feel their depth.

    1. Thanks a lot, Susie :) So glad you liked it :)

  7. As usual Vijita you have written it beautifully. I like the flow. Keep writing and inspiring. God bless you

  8. Wonderfully written dear...keep going!


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