Thoughtful Evenings

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In a leap I plant foot on the moon and in a fall see ocean bed, 
such is the nature of thoughts; no topic, constant.
The clouds, I feel thunder within me, numb eyes losing its spark,
Drops pour down, form puddle of thoughts; cold I turn, feelings lost.
By the window side, sit a restless me, resting head on the wall,
Deeper goes sun, vanishing out; darker it turns, offers reasons to sob.
I try to be content, no grief touching my soul;
failed are the attempts when shallow breath strikes me more.
Orange, red, pink, violet; more colors that fill life
but to the lovely hues at this hour, I pay a fake smile;
Emotions paint my thoughts; what I recall is some scars, few colorful lies;
Lie- isn’t Life one? Or the existence here, a colourless truth, 
The shades of gloom and tints of joy, how much is true, what is false?-
No answer I get any day and still gaze in the zero sphere,
The moon lights up and stars blink in, I am shaken for a while,
Then I catch up with the rhythm and an open mind sets emotions free,
I know for a fact, they will return, there's yet another sunset to be! 
They are as much my friends as are foes, I haven't yet figured it out,
but I know they'll visit me, wet my eyes, freeze my soul,
with a swollen heart and sinking mind, I accept it,
For I know-Every sunset will see this, till I am gone…

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  1. Scars, colorful lies. This is an interesting palette.

    1. evening is the time which spreads colours of thoughts on your mind palette :)

  2. "The moon lights up and stars blink in" ... life is colorful, but often it is the white lights softly calling in the night sky that sooth the soul.

  3. You've captured so well the transition btwn light and dark.

  4. Lovely poem. I really like the transition between light and dark.

  5. There is so much to be taught from transition between day and night.

  6. Night and day both hold their comforts. Be not afraid.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  7. "nature of thoughts; no topic, constant" and for me ending up a thousand miles from the original thought, but that just makes it interesting.

  8. Life pours pain out in technicolor...It is in the black and white night I can find moments of peace.


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