You will not be spared!

This is the voice of the needy, the destitute, the commoners, the subordinates against the powerful, the rich and the superiors. The voice of each struggling soul to the people who hurt them and make them suffer. Now is the time - if you do not respond to the authority, you will be taken for granted! Allow not the rule over you if you are right. Let not others affect you in a way that you become helpless - speak back, retaliate, fight and bring out their true colours!! Be a rebel!

You are the reason for my cries today
You have the power, so I have to obey
Your tantrums are making me strong, no doubt
But you will soon face the crowd’s shouts

Your sadist mind has the pleasure
You enjoy seeing me in pressure
You are a hypocrite and I shall reveal your truth
And this is not mere rage of the youth

You may have this time for your leisure
Your reality will be portrayed for sure
You will not be spared for your deeds
This too shall pass, you too shall bleed


  1. You have expressed it well. The injustice of all that is occurring will do one thing: it will galvanize the young, who can clearly see the folly, and they will somehow turn this world around, even if it takes a little while. Yesterday I saw a video of a 15 year old addressing the UN, pleading for his future. He is eloquent and inspiring and there are many more of him, everywhere.

  2. My your vision be accomplished without the violence that often accompanies revolutions!

  3. ... action is always preferable to complaining.

  4. I wonder how it will change.. I fear that there are walls too high already

  5. History holds so many lessons...We know walls can fall...We must be the shout that cracks the concrete of injustice.

  6. This should be a warning to those who oppress.

  7. Thank you all for the comments and support <3

    Had some technical problem so could not comment and thank, sorry for being late ;)


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