Bugler's charm

For Quadrille#27 at dVerse - poets pub

A fun take on "giggle"
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Li’l ones gather to sing their jingle
Jingling offbeat notes in a bizarre mingle
A mingler joins, now closely snuggle
On random broken noises from bugle
Amusing bugler, funny bones giggle
The giggling little, slowly get to jiggle
From jiggling loud laughs, happiness trickle


  1. Long live the laughter of happiness!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  2. MAN there are some fun words in here. This begs to be read aloud, again and again. Awesomeness. And I can feel the joy.

  3. This is fun...with all its sound and joy!

  4. Real fun is like that... love the playfulness

  5. Thank you all :) Glad you enjoyed it :)

  6. This poem is fun. I like all the 'Igle' words and of course Bugel and trickles of happiness :)

  7. Such a delightful progression!


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