Aching giggle

For Quadrille#27 on "giggle"
This one depicts a raw emotion of laughing at one's own past and accepting it as inanity out of innocence

Wind hums music; calm and low,
muffled within is vortex of emotions-
 with ages receded red rose charm -
Once where rested my innocence,
cradles lullaby today to your na├»ve –
Separated from me; you stand with another and one,
Past, is now, only giggles.


  1. I sure do love the idea of the past only being able to giggle - in all its imperfections, all its regrets reduced to one sound that might somehow, now, bring us joy.

  2. I think that even so the giggle might be a relieaf

  3. Maturity giggles at past innocence; Nice!!!

    much love..

  4. I understand this. I can now giggle at past innocence - though always didn't giggle then...
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  5. I like the idea of the past being giggles.

  6. Happy that we can all in some way relate to the poem. Thank you all my friends :)

  7. Love your perspective ... 'Past, is now, only giggles' ... sigh

  8. One just laughs it off when reminiscing on the past. That's normally the case!


  9. The ending line brings relief with the past gone ~

  10. Thanks for the comments and appreciation, Sanaa, Hank and Grace :)


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