The long wait ...

To the one I have been waiting for,

Find my love - - still young and enamoured,
read through this li’l note and give me your word.
It’s been a score that you’ve managed alone,
You’d live for them, but now they’re grown.
They’ll choose their ways ‘n will be gone,
solitude - - is what you will own –
or maybe you’ll shuttle like a birdie over net,
so why not hold my hands instead? -  let’s build our new nest!

Continuing the wait…

Linking this to the post card poem prompt at dVerse poets pub.


  1. Oh, I like this. It makes me want to know the story behind it. Well done.

    1. Ah! no direct story as such.. that's a thought I had initially for some other prompt, failed there, so executed it here :D

      Really glad you liked this... the prompt was too good :)

  2. I like the idea of building the new nest.

    1. me too :) hope it works for the two hearts (if at all there are people out there ready to build a nest together after 20-25years of wait)

  3. oh beautiful...and I think I know....!!

  4. "Solitude is what you will own". It makes me think of an empty nest and then building a new nest. I love the line about the new nest, and "continuing the wait..."


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